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First of all, I hope it's not too late to wish everybody Happy Eid Mubarak and to all fellow Malaysians, Happy 55th Independence Day! Even though holidays is almost over but everybody is still in the mood of celebrating 'raya' by hosting open house, visiting their family and friends, also the favorite season for weddings.

Anyways, one of my all time favorite asian cuisine is called 'Dendeng' or also known as daging dendeng. Taken from the wikipedia, dendeng is thinly sliced dried meat in Indonesian cuisine. It is preserved through mixture of sugar and spices and drying through frying process. It is similar to jerky. I love the sweet and spicy taste of the beef dendeng. You can eat it with rice, bread, roti canai or even by itself. What makes the dendeng so special is the cooking process for the beef. It requires a lot of steps where you need to boil it, cut it into small slices, pound the beef slices using a mallet and fry it.

Here are some photos of the dendeng that I had during the Eid Mubarak and it tastes so delicious!

If anybody here is craving for some dendeng or would love to give a try this 'Dendeng Royal', we do take orders. You may contact me here or through 'Dendeng Royal' facebook page at

As for now, we are having promotion price for the month of September. We offer delivery service with a small amount of charge for Klang Valley/KL area within certain pick up points. Do not worry if you are not within the area, we still offer mailing service throughout Malaysia region. As you can see below, this is our September promotion price.

Have a great day everybody!!!


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